Custom Orders

Ready to create your dream lanyard?! Every 6-8 weeks we open up a custom order listing. This is your opportunity to design a lanyard exactly how you want it. 

Your custom lanyard can have one specialty bead and five classic beads OR be a “simple custom” with five classic beads of your choosing. 

Please remember to describe your custom order in the note box at checkout. If this information is missing we will save your order for very last and THEN look for emails and Instagram messages to find your order. 

Custom order turnaround time is an estimated 6-8 weeks. We do not make exceptions and we cannot expedite shipping for any reason. 

Please describe your color choices as specifically as possible or refer to the color chart number system below! We want to make this process as smooth as possible on all sides. 

We do our best to create an aesthetically pleasing lanyard based on your request. 

Have fun planning!